Crystal Joyce (Office Administrator)


Crystal is responsible for general administration, policy-writing, event coordination, IT liaison and Facility Hire of The Brassall Centre. She has a background in Social Science/Community Engagement, and spent 10 years working on various academic research projects, as well as casually lecturing and tutoring at the University of Queensland. She has a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Asian Languages and Culture); a Master of Business (Event Management) and Diploma in Human Resource Management. What Crystal loves most about her role is how she is able to use all of her past experience in new and creative ways. She also loves learning and branching into new areas, like graphic design. She volunteers in Sound at the church (still learning!) and coordinates the Young Adults Bible Study (which she loves). She is grateful to God for how He is using her, and is excited about the future direction of the church.

Gary Truloff (Beacon Community Care Coordinator and Interim Chair of the Leadership)

Gary has spent 10 years faithfully serving the church in a variety of areas. He coordinates Beacon Community Care, which is involved in Breakfast Club at the Brassall State School, and he provides emergency food assistance to people in need, as well as budgeting advice and important referrals to other organisations as needed. Gary has extensive experience working in Juvenile Youth Detention, which makes him an ideal front-line community worker. He looks after Property/Maintenance, and at present acts as the Interim Chair for the Leadership, coordinating Small Groups and Childsafe. Gary is also a great preacher, bringing God’s Truth to life in practical ways. He is involved in a lot of behind the scenes activities at the church, and we are blessed to have him as part of the team!